• Region: Outer Rim
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Gravity: Standard
  • Moons: 3
  • Length of Day: 23.5 standard hours
  • Length of Year: 250 standard days
  • Sapient Species: 40% Human (colonial), 20% Zabrak, 5% Duros, 5% Rodian, 30% other species
  • Government: Democratic (Heavy corporate influence)
  • Capital: Togulf
  • Major Exports: Corthosis
  • Major Imports: Mining Equipment
  • Terrain: Fertile plains broken by forests and large mountain ranges
Locations of Note
  • Anwar Plains
  • Togulf (Capital City)
  • Ketcheek – A large mining city
  • Taifal – A large industrial center
  • Toral – A large agricultural center
  • Kaykal – A city grown up around a huge temple believed to be constructed millenia ago.

Taigon’s continents are covered with large fertile plains broken up by large mountain ranges and forests.

Knowledge (Galactic Lore/Bureaucracy)
  • DC 10: Taigon is a planet on the Outer Rim that has a few mining cities
  • DC 15: Taigon was a was a planet founded 50 years ago and originally used for pastures. 10 years afterwards Corthosis was found in the mountains and mining camps were established by Czerka Corps, all over the main continent.
  • DC 20: The Czerka Corporation holds most of the mining population in indentured servitude and has corrupted the Democracy on Taigon. They also have pressured the government to invest heavily in planetary defenses to protect their investment in the Corthosis mines. A large criminal underworld has also been established.

In the course of play: Taigon’s government struggled to regain power after the death of the governor, and the removal of the Lieutenant Governor who helped arrange his death. In the next few months Krogar Kalvin used his corporation’s power and his control of the criminal underground to work his way to Governor. He has since seized the mines from Czerka Corp’s control.


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