Star Wars: KotOR - Precursor to War

Parley with Krogar
The party confronts Krogar again.

Krogar's message indicated he wanted to recieve them in his headquarters in an hour, they also received reports that the teams aboard the Avenger had control.  The rebels went to work repairing the Baby Fatso and the Ghtroc Cruiser 720 , as well as loading photon torpedoes that had been found aboard the Indominable.  Just before the hour was up the party loaded up with a couple squads of the rebels and Elav Ghrout and began flying the Baby Fatso and the Ghtroc Cruiser 720 down to meet Krogar Kalvin when he sent them his terms for surrender:

  1. Rebel force aboard the Avenger and the Indominable lay down their arms and submit to Taigon Planetary Defense forces.
  2. Rebel forces on Taigon will collect their arms and deliver them to reclamation facilities and submit to searches of their home to ensure no further contraband is being held.
  3. Elav Ghrout surrenders himself for crimes against the state and inciting rebellion.
  4. Dey Hauk will turn himself in for crimes against the state, inciting rebellion and numerous counts of terrorism.  The rest of his entourage will be placed in the mines as indentured servants until reparations have been made.

When they rejected them, Krogar initiated the self destruct on the Avenger, the 2nd dreadnaught in orbit that had been taken by some of the other Taigon Resistance teams.  He then opened fire on the Indominable.  The party flew to the forest a short distance from Krogar's temple, disembarked with their 2 speeder bikes and Salubricon flying one of their Aurek fighters.  They flew in through a vehicle launch bay, blasted their way up 3 floors and proceeded to run around destroying the base's shield generators so the Indominable could bombard the base from orbit.  After sabotaging the 3rd generator they used the Aurek's blasters to blow a hole through which they could escape.  As they made their escape Krogar showed up and attacked them.  Salubricon ended up blowing Krogar up with a couple of photon torpedoes.  As the party escaped they told the Indominable to open fire and level the base, only to learn the Indominable was under attack by Mandalorians.


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