Star Wars: KotOR - Precursor to War

Another Task
Thaigo asks the group to complete one more task in exchange for a holocron.

The party flew the Astral Star into orbit with Har’air’al following in the Ghtroc Cruiser 720 . The Astral Star was attacked by a half dozen sith fighters being launched from a cloaked vessel. Bee-Gee managed to take a couple out, and Salubricon managed to dodge a few missiles fired by the fighters. They raced off with Har’air’al until they got closer to the sun, scrapped parts of it and then sent the Astral Star into the sun.

They returned to Yaglu to find the planet under alert. During the fight two of the missiles had appeared to power down after being launched, and had apparently struck two of the large spires in Salicar, one being the main government center, and the second being a construction plant belonging to Thaigo. They commed Thaigo asking to meet him and were told to meet in a conference room in one of the other spires. The found the room easily and were disappointed to find not Thaigo, but a holo-projector.

Thaigo’s image appeared and he spoke with them saying he was calling off the bounties on their heads as agreed. He said that unfortunately they’d been linked to the attacks to the city which gave Krogar Kalvin the leverage to start wresting control of the government. With the Prime Minister and 2nd Minister dead, the ruling council was going to appoint him Prime Minister in exchange for him providing greater security. Thaigo then asked them to disrupt Krogar Enterprise’s droid production in the factor in the lower levels of the city, in the hopes that might undermine his offers of security. Dey Hauk accepted for the group and they began surveying the plant.

They considered trying to capture some security probe droids that guarded a chemical waste pipeline leading out of the plant but settled on entering through one of the loading doors. They found a tall building near a landing pad and threw a rope across. Everyone scurried across the rope while Dey Hauk walked across. They took out any droids between them and the control center for the factory, where they found a Sith and a worker operating the controls. Bee-Gee opened fire with both barrels killing the operator. The Sith pulled her sword out and attacked Bee-Gee. Dey Hauk stepped forward with his lightsaber and they swiftly cut her down. Dey Hauk then felt the presence of another Sith coming from the higher level of the city, suggesting they hurry. They planted charges in the control center and headed down to the lower levels of the droid factory.

They fought some droids along the way and found where droid fuel cells were kept. They set a few around the room so they’d overload and damage the others around them. They then made their way to the rooms where the droids were painted. They punctured the tanks spilling paint everywhere and rolled a drum into the central shaft, dropping it on droids on the lower levels. The group then set a few satchel charges in the turbolift shafts. Bee-Gee turned his magnetic feet on and ran up one of the shafts until he reached the level they’d entered on. As he turned to help pull the party up as they climbed, the Sith that Dey Hauk had sensed attacked him with her lightsaber. He quickly tied off the end of the rope and turned, trying to grapple her. He got a grip on her and threw them both the central shaft.

Serath, Dey Hauk and Salubricon continued climbing to escape. Unfortunately Bee-Gee’s attempt to kill the Sith in the fall failed when she used the force to move them onto one of the lower levels, halting their fall. She struggled to escape his grasp. Bee-Gee holding her with three arms reached with his fourth to grab one of the satchel charges, set it right against her stomach and set it off. Her intestines flew everywhere killing her. Bee-Gee managed to climb the shaft to join the rest of the group. They made their way across the rope they’d used to the other building, and set the charges off. Serath and Bee-Gee headed back tot he ship, while Dey Hauk and Salubricon decided to confront Thaigon to receive the holocron he said he’d give them.

Problems with Ships

Halfway to Yaglu alarms started going off all over the Sweet Nacha, and it dropped out of hyperspace. Running a quick diagnosis, Salubricon and Serath Ann found the ships’ power had been heavily depleted and damage to the primary and secondary hyperdrives, repulsors, life support, and sensors. They immediately switched everything off, set up the system to run off backup.

Once that had been done Bee-Gee and Serath Ann EVA’d and found mynocks attached and they quickly dispatched them. They examined the damage and found a number of major power lines chewed through. Salvaging parts from the speeder bikes, and draining some power from them as well they managed to get the repulsors and back up hyperdrive online.

They quickly determined that there would not be enough oxygen to make the remaining 3 days to Yaglu. Salubricon put Har’air’al and Serath Ann into drug induced comas while Dey Hauk put himself into a force trance. He made the jump and began to suffer feeling the first effects of asphyxiation as he readied to drop out of hyperspace. He donned his flight suit and managed a rough but successful landing in one of Yaglu’s lower docking areas. They began purchasing parts and overhauled the damaged systems when they noticed one of the ships in the docking bay with them was for sale, a Ghtroc 720 Freighter.

They spoke with the owner and negotiated a trade. Salubricon went to transfer the ownership and title and got saddled with a fine for tampering with the ships’ transponder, but otherwise the transfers of ownership went well. Everyone moved their stuff from the Sweet Nacha to the Ghtroc Cruiser 720 . They also bought parts and a wireless remote laser cannon to attach to the rear of the ship, and installed it. That night Bee-Gee patrolled the bay keeping an eye out for trouble, and saw nothing save the docking bay doors opening and closing a couple times through the night. The next morning the rodian who now owned the Sweet Nacha took it for a spin. A couple hours later Bee-Gee saw the Sweet Nacha returning for a landing, but coming in way to fast. He shouted a warning and Serath Ann got the shields back up as the Sweet Nacha crashed bottom first and burst into flames. The shields held against the explosions of flammable material and fuel. Fire and rescue crews arrived pretty quickly and put the ship out. The authorities had the party move the Ghtroc Cruiser 720 to another docking bay, and then questioned them about the crash.

Dey Hauk, Bee-Gee, Serath Ann, and Salubricon went to Thiago’s shop. Inside they found 10 bodyguards and Zhaigo, one of Thiago’s men. The group introduced themselves discreetly saying they needed to speak with Thaigo. Zhaigo said he would pass along the message, but when they turned to leave he identified Dey Hauk by name and said he had a message for them. He said that Thaigo felt he may have been a bit hasty in taking out his disappointment with them in the form of bounties and offered them a way to work off the bounties and build trust for future conversations. Dey Hauk accepted for the group with the stipulation that he wanted to speak with Thaigo before the job.

Thaigo gave them a holo-net call detailing an exchange that was to be taking place at the Erin Moon Resort. Apparently Krogar’s people had arranged to sell some of their cut spice to one of Thaigo’s dealers. They had arranged for the exchange to take place in one of the outer docking rings. They had discussed the number of parties that would meet at one of the cantina’s where they would then discuss where the exchange would take place. Thaigo requested that Dey Hauk “intercept” the shipment or interfere with the meet, so the spice could be captured before it hit the streets, and without him losing any money.

The group flew to the Erin Moon Resort and began looking around when they got a message from Zhaigo, saying they had identified which ship was bringing in the spice, the Astral Star, and that it would be docking on the far side of the station. The group got there just as the Astral Star landed, and let the two contacts head to the cantina. They then jumped the rest of the crew as they began unloading the spice. A firefight broke out, and in the process one of the drug runners launched an escape pod from the Astral Star that hit the inside of the docking dome, doing damage. The group gained control of the Astral Star and blasted out of the docking dome just as it began to close.

The Royal Casino
It's never a good sign when a PC wins a lot of money.

The Sweet Nacha dropped out of hyperspace at Tanior. Salubricon immediately hailed Dey Hauk on his comlink and and learned that Dey Hauk was flying toward them in a small shuttle that was under attack. Bee-Gee took to the gun turrets and tried to hold off the enemy ship while Salubricon maneuvered the Sweet Nacha to keep a shield face to the attacker and Serath Ann lowered the other shields and opened the underside elevator to let Dey Hauk get aboard.

Once Dey Hauk got aboard Salubricon began a hyperspace jump to Dantooine. Dey Hauk suggested they drop out and change course for a Republic Cruiser near Ord Taneer since they had been dispatched to help in his retrieval of the holocrons stolen from the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. They met the cruiser and set Dey Hauk called up Master Vandar on the Holo-Net telling him of his progress. Dey Hauk then asked Salubricon if they could take him to Kahlus where there was going to be an auction for one of the Holocrons.

They arrived at Kahlus, landing on the outer docking ring. After disembarking they found crowds of people offering services as guides around the city of Kahlus. The group decided to employ a wookie named Har’air’al. He took them through some back routes and straight to the Royal Casino, where the tournament was to take place.

Bee-Gee took up a watch outside the casino as Salubricon and Serath registered for the tournament and DeyHauk headed to a set of holographic pedestals standing outside a large auditorium. He found Sarin standing near one that depicted one of the holocrons. She welcomed him and she revealed that she had fallen to the dark side.

Then Devin Siller walked in with a half dozen Gran, checked a sword very similar to Krogar’s at the door, and then walked up to Sarin and DeyHauk. He then revealed that upon his “death” Krogar Kalvin had transferred his essence into Devin Siller. They parted ways and Dey Hauk and Sarin entered the tournament.

Salubricon was weeded out of the tournament in the early rounds, and Sarin managed to hang in into the second to last round. In the final round it was Dey Hauk and Serath against a few other good players. Dey Hauk managed to pull the right card and won the 5 million credit prize. At that point air raid sirens went off all over the city. Dey Hauk tried to collect his prize, and was only given 250,000 credits and a check for the rest. Har’air’al met them outside the casino and offered to help them bypass the panicked crowds in exchange for passage to Bandomeer so he could return home.

The group agreed and Har’air’al got them to the Sweet Nacha. They quickly powered up the Sweet Nacha as the Mandalorian bombardment began destroying the docking rings. With some gunning from Bee-Gee and some fancy piloting from Salubricon, the Sweet Nachamanaged to evade the Mandalorian fighters and capital ships and jump to hyperspace.

The Passenger
Sometimes taking a fare is not such a good idea.

Serath Ann and I were arguing about what to do with the drugs we had found. Serath wanted to dump them directly into a star, while I argued that drugs worth enough to buy a capital ship should either be sold or turned in to the authorities. While we were arguing a frantic man ran up to the ship wanting to buy immediate emergency transport off the planet.

Unfortunately, the frantic passenger turned out to be a bounty hunter, named Calus Lieb, who poisoned the food. Serath and I fell into unconsciousness while Bee-Gee the droid sat oblivious in the cockpit. His first hint of trouble were when the engines went offline and the ship was plunged into darkness.

Bee-Gee was able to subdue Calus Lieb and power was restored, but only just in the nick of time. I was forced to calculate the jump to hyperspace without a working navicomputer, and managed to do it in the nick of time. Just as were leaving Calus’s partner arrived and took a few pot shots at us.

During the two day hyperspace trip back to a friendly planet Serath got in touch with her dark side as she tortured the bounty hunter and discovered that the biggest bounty was on the ship itself. At that point we decided to turn the drugs over to the Jedi as they were already proving to be bad for our health.

Arriving at the planet Dantooine, we discovered that Calus’s partner had followed us and that his ship was extremely well armed. A single hit from one of his concussion missiles was capable of destroying our ship. We escaped by fleeing into the atmosphere where a couple of Jedi starfighters turned our attacker away.

After patching up the ship we received a fare from a couple of prospectors heading to Ord Taneer. We delivered them and got a message from Devin offering to remove the bounties on us in exchange for the spice. Yeah, for some reason we realized we hadn’t turned the spice over to the Jedi yet. But we aren’t stupid we raised Sarin on the Holo-Net, unfortunately only getting audio. She said she’d meet us in orbit around Taigon, again, we were skeptical. So, we called up Dey Hauk and set up a rendezvous.

We set out to rendezvous with Dey Hauk, but as we left the atmosphere a severely damaged passenger ship dropped out of hyperspace in front of us. Packed full of refugees from a mysterious battle with mysterious armored attackers, the ship was engulfed in flames and only moments away from exploding. We docked up with the ship and Serath risked her life by going into the damaged vessel to help wounded refugees escape. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get them all clear before the ship exploded. Only my extremely awesome piloting skills saved everyone from certain death.

Salubricon’s Journal

The Thisspiasian Statue

Dey Hauk and Content Not Found: Kari are asked by the Jedi to rendezvous with Sarin on Taigon. They are told that Taigon’s planetary defense codes and specs may have been stolen. They hire Salubricon and the Sweet Nacha to take them Taigon. Salubricon tells Serath Ann that he finally found a fare and lets her know when he’ll be landing.

Darius Siller has been dodging assassins since his discharge from the Taigon Planetary Defense Force (TPDF) and is meet up with yet another. When he dispatches the assassin and searches him he finds a datapad with a bounty on his head and a price for a statue he’d found in Krogar’s compound. He called up Whalter, his fence and asked him who might have purchased it. Whalter told him it was sold to a Zabrakian merchant from Yaglu named Thaigo. He called up Serath and found out where the Sweet Nacha would be landing.

When the Sweet Nacha landed, Serath was there and spoke with Dey Hauk about what the TPDF knew about the stolen information. Darius Siller booked passage with Salubricon and Serath. Dey Hauk went to Darius’ apartment and found that Devin had tried to kill him by planting a bomb in Darius’ refridge unit.

Darius, Dey Hauk, Kari and Serath decided to grab a bite to eat at the Hungry Rancor, a small restaurant near the spaceport. While they ate they found the streets getting conspicuously quiet. Dey Hauk and Kari sensed 6 armed Gran outside and a landmine covering the back exit. Kari ushered the other patrons into the kitchen while Dey Hauk and the others began fighting the bounty hunters. Darius fell to his wounds, but the others managed to rout the Gran, killing all but one of them that had been firing from the roof and escaped in an airspeeder.

With Darius dead, Kari picked up his comlink and called Whalter, finding out who’d bought the statue and getting the number of Devin’s comlink. BG-SK6 approached them looking for Darius so that he could serve his new master. They brought the droid aboard and took off for Yaglu to find Thaigo.

They found Thaigo’s shop, casing it to find the front entrance and a magnetically sealed rear exit. When Dey Hauk, Kari and Serath entered the shop, they found it filled with sensors and at least 10 plain clothes bodyguards. Dey Hauk spoke with Thaigo telling him he was a Jedi interested in studying the Statue of Taycal. Thaigo said he may be able to set up a meeting with the purchaser of the statue for a small fee.

Thaigo called them up a few hours later letting them know the owner, Kairlan would meet with them for a few hours that evening in the upper levels of Salicar. Kairlan accepted them in, and Dey Hauk distracted him while Kari extracted the data disc with Taigon’s defense codes from the statue. The group boarded the Nacha and went back to Taigon where they returned the defense codes to Sarin.

The Dark Asteroid
Friends cry out in pain, and darkness surrounds them, what will the adventurers find?

Kari woke from a vision of the Sulus, some friends from her childhood, screaming in fear and pain. She made a few holo-net calls to try and get a hold of them, but was only to able to reach Marv Soleson, now a Czerka Corp manager, and Christy & Carla, a pair of Farghul life partners that were working on one of Busheet’s moons. Marv did not seem to care about the Sulus, but Christy and Carla expressed their disappointment that they did not know what had happened to the Sulus. Kari quickly told Dey Hauk and got Solubrican to fly them to Miroth where she talked to Winkle. He did not know where the Sulu’s were, but gave her the coordinates for their holo-net relay.

Kari, Dey Hauk and Salubricon dropped out of hyperspace on the edge of an asteroid belt that covered a large area around PK-73. Kari and Dey Hauk immediately felt a dark presence in the system and found the Sulu children on a larger asteroid with their powers. As they changed course to approach the asteroid, George Sulu’s vacuum suited body bounced off the cockpit viewport. Dey Hauk sent a message to the Jedi enclave on Dantooine telling about the dark presence they felt, and requested assistance.

They brought him aboard, and then docked with the Sulu’s ship. The Sulu’s ship itself is a cylindrical vessel with ports and fasteners in its center that attach to large modules that can be removed and rearranged to form a habitat. The modules had been removed and been placed in the asteroids main cavity, and the ship was docked with the module’s main airlock. They crossed the Sulu’s ships, finding it powered down, droid debris floating in the zero gravity. They then entred the living modules to find Mary Sulu impaled upon an R7-36 mining droid, its power pack in her dead hands. They moved Mary out of the living modules before searching for the children. They found them unconscious in a small storage module.

The group brought the kids aboard the Sweet Nacha giving them IV fluids and nutrients. When the kids became concious they asked what the recalled and fed them solid food. Kari then put the kids to sleep in her quarters so they could rest. Kari examined the security records aboard both the ship and the living module and found that something had gone wrong when George had tried looking at a large asteroid that had passed by a few days ago. The mining droids had attacked and killed George and then tried to kill the rest of the Sulus.

Kari and Salubricon dismantled the R7-36 droid leaving just the head and torso for safety and powered it back on to question it. It then remotely activated their comlinks and infected the Sweet Nacha’s computer with a virus. Salubricon tried to remove it from the computer but was distracted by Dey Hauk and Kari’s discussion about investigating the strange asteroid that was clouded in dark side Force energy and appeared to cause the tragedy.

Kari made sure the kids were resting quietly and the group set out in a mining shield sled to investigate the asteroid. When they got closer they discovered an ancient Sith ship, the Kalthan embedded in the asteroid. They turned around, slightly weary of the overwhelming dark presence they felt.

When they returned to the Sulu’s asteroid, they got a transmission from the Meridian Scout a blockade runner that was working with Master Vrook. When Master Vrook showed up he got the Meridian Scout’s personnel to look at the Nacha’s computer and took the group back to the Kalthan. They found a meditation chamber aboard with 3 pyramid shaped holocrons etched with Sith writing. Master Vrook gathered them up and Sareth set up some improvised charges set to her comlink. They left the Kalathan, setting off the explosives and returned to the Sulu’s asteroid.

Master Vrook left with the holocrons, and let the Meridian Scout stay on hand to help pack up the Sulu’s ship and living modules. Kari called up Christy and Carla who were more than happy to take care of the children.

Defeat of a Sith Warrior

Serath Ann, Content Not Found: Kari and Salubricon quickly repaired the transport left behind by Krogar Kalvin, while Darius Siller and Dey Hauk retrieved the groups’ speeders. The made for the capital city of Taigulf and detected an explosion on their sensors. They flew towards the center city, staying low to avoid anti-aircraft weapons. Then sensing Krogar making his way to a different spaceport they changed direction to pursue him. As they changed direction Sarin leapt out and ran towards the capital building.

They flew to the spaceport, destroyed a landspeeder with the topside laser cannons. Serath, Dey Hauk, Plo Kaln and Kari got off the transport, using their speeders to blast their way into the spaceport and pursued Krogar to a ship he was running towards. A firefight ensued between them and Krogar’s men, which ended when they disabled a ship Krogar was going to escape on. He fled with Devin on foot until he feared he would be captured. He hamstrung Devin and surged out into the plaza where Salubricon brought the ship down on him, killing him.

More planetary defense forces arrived, this time teamed with Sarin and began the work of cleaning up and gathering evidence to lock away Taigon’s Lieutenant Governor who appeared to have been in league with Krogar.

Raiding the Ranch

Dey Hauk, Kari, Darius, and Salubricon arrived at the small mining city of Ketcheek with Devin Siller and Rodi’s family. Kari spoke to Serath Ann and got her to put them up for the night. Dey Hauk and Darius took watch and noticed when a landspeeder with Krogar’s men showed up, cruising the streets. Just then Serath’s roomate, Salis, cried out. She had experienced a powerful illusion of an assault upon her that Dey Hauk and Kari suspected to have come from Devin Siller, though he was sleeping at the time.

Desperate to avoid Krogar’s men they find a hiding spot for Serath’s roomate and Rodi’s family and assault Krogar’s compound, an old ranch on the Anwar Plains. Devin slices their way in and they make their way to the second floor without any resistance. Then Serath, Dey Hauk and Darius get in a turbolift which turns out to be trapped, they blow it up and use the shaft to access the fourth floor where they are met by resistance in the form of 6 of Krogar’s armored men. Salubricon and Kari race to catch up as the three fight their way out of the turbolift shaft.

Then Krogar, now revealing himself as a powerful dark sider uses the force to create illusions of his men doubling, slowing the heroes. The heroes cut them down and make their way to the landing pad on the roof where Devin is apparently prepping a small inter-system shuttle for take off. Krogar stands at the bottom of the landing ramp, sword in hand. A short fight ensues, and the group scrambles to try and disable the shuttle, or in the very least compromise its hull. Krogar barely escapes into the sky. Moments later the heroes find the roof exploding around them. Salubricon who’d powered up a small freighter that was also on the roof lifts off, and Kari and Darius find themselves lifted off and shielded from the blast by Plo Kaln and Sarin who were just arriving on the scene. Serath and Dey Hauk land using her jet pack and Dey Hauk apologizes to his master for failing to stop Krogar.

The Spice Deal

Meli Frell hired Darius and his brother Devin Siller to help ensure a Spice trade she had going down with a supplier named Drugg went down smoothly.

The Jedi Enclave at Dantooine sent Dey Hauk to try and track down Meli, see if he could find out who she worked for or with and to disrupt her operations if possible. When Dey Hauk got to Taigon, he traced her to a trade going down thanks to a mind trick on Roka Glar ‘Rodi’, a member of her team. He got to Kill Zone Alley, found a sniper on a rooftop above the site of the trade. Staying out of sight he watched and waited for the exchange. When the money and spices were being traded he force pushed the sniper off the roof and ran down to the street level.

The two parties exchanged blaster fire, until Meli shot Drugg and then escaped in her landspeeder (kidnapping Devin Siller), leaving Darius as the sole standing member of her group. He was outgunned, but threw a frag grenade taking a bunch of them out, and managed to wittle down the numbers until Dey Hauk appeared behind Drugg’s men and incapacitated them. They searched the bodies of Meli’s men and found Roka Glar ‘Rodi’ was still alive. Dey Hauk administered treatment with a med kit and revived him. The three of them then walked the mile to Meli’s hideout, carrying the spice between them.

When they arrived at her hideout they found that she suspected them of screwing up the exchange and got in a shoot out, during the firefight her Gammorean bodyguards recaptured the spice and escaped in a shuttle. Dey Hauk subdued Meli and Darius rescued his brother from her hideout. They escaped before the self destruct she triggered during the fight could go off. They then carried her to Darius and Devin’s apartment. Dey Hauk called Sarin up on his comlink. She arrived shortly after and suggested that they find a better hiding spot in case Darius and Devin had been compromised. She also said she would do what she can to help turn Meli in and shelter Darius and Dey Hauk from blowback.

Darius and Dey Hauk took Meli to a local hotel, and tied her up to question her. Then Kari Chatin, having been loaned a small shuttle and sent by the enclave at Dantooine called Dey Hauk’s comlink to let him know she was there to offer assistance. Dey Hauk then went to meet here in a cantina not far from the hotel. When he left, Darius called up his friend, Salubricon to help him.

Salubricon arrived at the hotel room, and Meli offered Darius to set him up with lucrative contracts with Krogar Kalvin, a notorious crime lord in the sector. Shortly after Darius arrived with Kari and they continued questioning Meli until Rodi came in saying two landspeeders presumably with some of Krogar’s men had pulled up to the hotel.

Everyone made their way out the window with Kari holding up the rear. When Krogar’s men began shooting at them through the window, she beat them back and kept them pinned down. Dey Hauk commendeered one of the landspeeders, and Mind Tricked their pilot into shooting up the other landspeeder. Everyone got aboard, except Solubrican who had his own speeder bike, and they made their escape. In a more distant warehouse sector they stopped to discuss what to do next. They decided to ditch Krogar’s landspeeder and make their way to one of Kari’s contacts in Taifal.


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