This representative of Black Sun met Dey Hauk, Kari and Serath when they were looking for the Statue of Taycal. He later found out from Krogar Kalvin himself that a data disk with information about Taigon's planetary defenses had been hidden in its base. After finding this out he put a price on the party's head.

Thaigo offerred the group a way to work off their bounty by intercepting spices Krogar was selling on the Erin Moon Resort on Yaglu's moon.  After they accomplished this he also offerred them  a Sith holocron in exchange for the disruption of Krogar Enterprise's droid factory on Yaglu.  The group succeeded but where only given a Jedi holocron.

The group then saw a telecast in which Krogar Kalvin announced his ascension to Primer Minister of Yaglu and Thaigo as his Vice Minister.


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