Star Wars: KotOR - Precursor to War

The Royal Casino

It's never a good sign when a PC wins a lot of money.

The Sweet Nacha dropped out of hyperspace at Tanior. Salubricon immediately hailed Dey Hauk on his comlink and and learned that Dey Hauk was flying toward them in a small shuttle that was under attack. Bee-Gee took to the gun turrets and tried to hold off the enemy ship while Salubricon maneuvered the Sweet Nacha to keep a shield face to the attacker and Serath Ann lowered the other shields and opened the underside elevator to let Dey Hauk get aboard.

Once Dey Hauk got aboard Salubricon began a hyperspace jump to Dantooine. Dey Hauk suggested they drop out and change course for a Republic Cruiser near Ord Taneer since they had been dispatched to help in his retrieval of the holocrons stolen from the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. They met the cruiser and set Dey Hauk called up Master Vandar on the Holo-Net telling him of his progress. Dey Hauk then asked Salubricon if they could take him to Kahlus where there was going to be an auction for one of the Holocrons.

They arrived at Kahlus, landing on the outer docking ring. After disembarking they found crowds of people offering services as guides around the city of Kahlus. The group decided to employ a wookie named Har’air’al. He took them through some back routes and straight to the Royal Casino, where the tournament was to take place.

Bee-Gee took up a watch outside the casino as Salubricon and Serath registered for the tournament and DeyHauk headed to a set of holographic pedestals standing outside a large auditorium. He found Sarin standing near one that depicted one of the holocrons. She welcomed him and she revealed that she had fallen to the dark side.

Then Devin Siller walked in with a half dozen Gran, checked a sword very similar to Krogar’s at the door, and then walked up to Sarin and DeyHauk. He then revealed that upon his “death” Krogar Kalvin had transferred his essence into Devin Siller. They parted ways and Dey Hauk and Sarin entered the tournament.

Salubricon was weeded out of the tournament in the early rounds, and Sarin managed to hang in into the second to last round. In the final round it was Dey Hauk and Serath against a few other good players. Dey Hauk managed to pull the right card and won the 5 million credit prize. At that point air raid sirens went off all over the city. Dey Hauk tried to collect his prize, and was only given 250,000 credits and a check for the rest. Har’air’al met them outside the casino and offered to help them bypass the panicked crowds in exchange for passage to Bandomeer so he could return home.

The group agreed and Har’air’al got them to the Sweet Nacha. They quickly powered up the Sweet Nacha as the Mandalorian bombardment began destroying the docking rings. With some gunning from Bee-Gee and some fancy piloting from Salubricon, the Sweet Nachamanaged to evade the Mandalorian fighters and capital ships and jump to hyperspace.


Tikanni Tikanni

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