Star Wars: KotOR - Precursor to War

The Passenger

Sometimes taking a fare is not such a good idea.

Serath Ann and I were arguing about what to do with the drugs we had found. Serath wanted to dump them directly into a star, while I argued that drugs worth enough to buy a capital ship should either be sold or turned in to the authorities. While we were arguing a frantic man ran up to the ship wanting to buy immediate emergency transport off the planet.

Unfortunately, the frantic passenger turned out to be a bounty hunter, named Calus Lieb, who poisoned the food. Serath and I fell into unconsciousness while Bee-Gee the droid sat oblivious in the cockpit. His first hint of trouble were when the engines went offline and the ship was plunged into darkness.

Bee-Gee was able to subdue Calus Lieb and power was restored, but only just in the nick of time. I was forced to calculate the jump to hyperspace without a working navicomputer, and managed to do it in the nick of time. Just as were leaving Calus’s partner arrived and took a few pot shots at us.

During the two day hyperspace trip back to a friendly planet Serath got in touch with her dark side as she tortured the bounty hunter and discovered that the biggest bounty was on the ship itself. At that point we decided to turn the drugs over to the Jedi as they were already proving to be bad for our health.

Arriving at the planet Dantooine, we discovered that Calus’s partner had followed us and that his ship was extremely well armed. A single hit from one of his concussion missiles was capable of destroying our ship. We escaped by fleeing into the atmosphere where a couple of Jedi starfighters turned our attacker away.

After patching up the ship we received a fare from a couple of prospectors heading to Ord Taneer. We delivered them and got a message from Devin offering to remove the bounties on us in exchange for the spice. Yeah, for some reason we realized we hadn’t turned the spice over to the Jedi yet. But we aren’t stupid we raised Sarin on the Holo-Net, unfortunately only getting audio. She said she’d meet us in orbit around Taigon, again, we were skeptical. So, we called up Dey Hauk and set up a rendezvous.

We set out to rendezvous with Dey Hauk, but as we left the atmosphere a severely damaged passenger ship dropped out of hyperspace in front of us. Packed full of refugees from a mysterious battle with mysterious armored attackers, the ship was engulfed in flames and only moments away from exploding. We docked up with the ship and Serath risked her life by going into the damaged vessel to help wounded refugees escape. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get them all clear before the ship exploded. Only my extremely awesome piloting skills saved everyone from certain death.

Salubricon’s Journal


Tikanni Tikanni

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