Star Wars: KotOR - Precursor to War

The Dark Asteroid

Friends cry out in pain, and darkness surrounds them, what will the adventurers find?

Kari woke from a vision of the Sulus, some friends from her childhood, screaming in fear and pain. She made a few holo-net calls to try and get a hold of them, but was only to able to reach Marv Soleson, now a Czerka Corp manager, and Christy & Carla, a pair of Farghul life partners that were working on one of Busheet’s moons. Marv did not seem to care about the Sulus, but Christy and Carla expressed their disappointment that they did not know what had happened to the Sulus. Kari quickly told Dey Hauk and got Solubrican to fly them to Miroth where she talked to Winkle. He did not know where the Sulu’s were, but gave her the coordinates for their holo-net relay.

Kari, Dey Hauk and Salubricon dropped out of hyperspace on the edge of an asteroid belt that covered a large area around PK-73. Kari and Dey Hauk immediately felt a dark presence in the system and found the Sulu children on a larger asteroid with their powers. As they changed course to approach the asteroid, George Sulu’s vacuum suited body bounced off the cockpit viewport. Dey Hauk sent a message to the Jedi enclave on Dantooine telling about the dark presence they felt, and requested assistance.

They brought him aboard, and then docked with the Sulu’s ship. The Sulu’s ship itself is a cylindrical vessel with ports and fasteners in its center that attach to large modules that can be removed and rearranged to form a habitat. The modules had been removed and been placed in the asteroids main cavity, and the ship was docked with the module’s main airlock. They crossed the Sulu’s ships, finding it powered down, droid debris floating in the zero gravity. They then entred the living modules to find Mary Sulu impaled upon an R7-36 mining droid, its power pack in her dead hands. They moved Mary out of the living modules before searching for the children. They found them unconscious in a small storage module.

The group brought the kids aboard the Sweet Nacha giving them IV fluids and nutrients. When the kids became concious they asked what the recalled and fed them solid food. Kari then put the kids to sleep in her quarters so they could rest. Kari examined the security records aboard both the ship and the living module and found that something had gone wrong when George had tried looking at a large asteroid that had passed by a few days ago. The mining droids had attacked and killed George and then tried to kill the rest of the Sulus.

Kari and Salubricon dismantled the R7-36 droid leaving just the head and torso for safety and powered it back on to question it. It then remotely activated their comlinks and infected the Sweet Nacha’s computer with a virus. Salubricon tried to remove it from the computer but was distracted by Dey Hauk and Kari’s discussion about investigating the strange asteroid that was clouded in dark side Force energy and appeared to cause the tragedy.

Kari made sure the kids were resting quietly and the group set out in a mining shield sled to investigate the asteroid. When they got closer they discovered an ancient Sith ship, the Kalthan embedded in the asteroid. They turned around, slightly weary of the overwhelming dark presence they felt.

When they returned to the Sulu’s asteroid, they got a transmission from the Meridian Scout a blockade runner that was working with Master Vrook. When Master Vrook showed up he got the Meridian Scout’s personnel to look at the Nacha’s computer and took the group back to the Kalthan. They found a meditation chamber aboard with 3 pyramid shaped holocrons etched with Sith writing. Master Vrook gathered them up and Sareth set up some improvised charges set to her comlink. They left the Kalathan, setting off the explosives and returned to the Sulu’s asteroid.

Master Vrook left with the holocrons, and let the Meridian Scout stay on hand to help pack up the Sulu’s ship and living modules. Kari called up Christy and Carla who were more than happy to take care of the children.


Tikanni Tikanni

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