Star Wars: KotOR - Precursor to War

Shopping for a Dreadnaught

Our heroes fight their way to the bridge of the Indominable and seize the ship.

Dey Hauk, Salubricon, and Serath Ann return from Yaglu to Taigon and join the Resistance behind the Sargasso Comet approaching Taigon.  As they approach and begin their assault upon the 2 dreadnaughts on the back side of the planet, Reaver drops out of hyperspace after fleeing Kahlus.  In danger of his hyperdrive exploding, he drops it near some sith fighters and the Indominable, and follows the Baby Fatso into the Indominable when the party give the entry codes dropping the forcefields protecting the dreadnaught's hangar.  They break out of the hanger and make their way to help other boarding teams.  After that they proceeded to the bridge where they fought a bunch of droids and seized the bridge.  Upon their taking control Elav Ghrout showed up with some of the other strike teams, and a call came from the surface indicating that Krogar Kalvin wanted to discuss the terms for surrender.


Tikanni Tikanni

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