Star Wars: KotOR - Precursor to War

Retrieving a Spy

The group goes to find a spy that S’viv Zdu said was a week late in checking in.

The group decided to try and hit up a local cantina in Tegeel, the largest city on Tanior, on the outskirts of which lay a Krogar Enterprises facility. They gambled a little bit, playing sabacc with some armed guards that worked for Krogar Enterprises. They slipped out when it looked like the guards were leaving and jumped them when they exited the cantina. Bee-Gee and Salubricon ran straight off down the major through street, while Dey Hauk and Serath Ann took the unconscious guards down the back alley. Unfortunately one of the guards had managed to get a comlink signal off the the authorities who traced it back and nearly captured Dey Hauk and Serath. With some fancy flying Serath got away, and they slipped into a used speeder lot and stole an airspeeder. Both groups then met up with Har’air’al and the ship.


Tikanni Tikanni

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