Star Wars: KotOR - Precursor to War

Raiding the Ranch

Dey Hauk, Kari, Darius, and Salubricon arrived at the small mining city of Ketcheek with Devin Siller and Rodi’s family. Kari spoke to Serath Ann and got her to put them up for the night. Dey Hauk and Darius took watch and noticed when a landspeeder with Krogar’s men showed up, cruising the streets. Just then Serath’s roomate, Salis, cried out. She had experienced a powerful illusion of an assault upon her that Dey Hauk and Kari suspected to have come from Devin Siller, though he was sleeping at the time.

Desperate to avoid Krogar’s men they find a hiding spot for Serath’s roomate and Rodi’s family and assault Krogar’s compound, an old ranch on the Anwar Plains. Devin slices their way in and they make their way to the second floor without any resistance. Then Serath, Dey Hauk and Darius get in a turbolift which turns out to be trapped, they blow it up and use the shaft to access the fourth floor where they are met by resistance in the form of 6 of Krogar’s armored men. Salubricon and Kari race to catch up as the three fight their way out of the turbolift shaft.

Then Krogar, now revealing himself as a powerful dark sider uses the force to create illusions of his men doubling, slowing the heroes. The heroes cut them down and make their way to the landing pad on the roof where Devin is apparently prepping a small inter-system shuttle for take off. Krogar stands at the bottom of the landing ramp, sword in hand. A short fight ensues, and the group scrambles to try and disable the shuttle, or in the very least compromise its hull. Krogar barely escapes into the sky. Moments later the heroes find the roof exploding around them. Salubricon who’d powered up a small freighter that was also on the roof lifts off, and Kari and Darius find themselves lifted off and shielded from the blast by Plo Kaln and Sarin who were just arriving on the scene. Serath and Dey Hauk land using her jet pack and Dey Hauk apologizes to his master for failing to stop Krogar.


Tikanni Tikanni

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