Star Wars: KotOR - Precursor to War

Problems with Ships

Halfway to Yaglu alarms started going off all over the Sweet Nacha, and it dropped out of hyperspace. Running a quick diagnosis, Salubricon and Serath Ann found the ships’ power had been heavily depleted and damage to the primary and secondary hyperdrives, repulsors, life support, and sensors. They immediately switched everything off, set up the system to run off backup.

Once that had been done Bee-Gee and Serath Ann EVA’d and found mynocks attached and they quickly dispatched them. They examined the damage and found a number of major power lines chewed through. Salvaging parts from the speeder bikes, and draining some power from them as well they managed to get the repulsors and back up hyperdrive online.

They quickly determined that there would not be enough oxygen to make the remaining 3 days to Yaglu. Salubricon put Har’air’al and Serath Ann into drug induced comas while Dey Hauk put himself into a force trance. He made the jump and began to suffer feeling the first effects of asphyxiation as he readied to drop out of hyperspace. He donned his flight suit and managed a rough but successful landing in one of Yaglu’s lower docking areas. They began purchasing parts and overhauled the damaged systems when they noticed one of the ships in the docking bay with them was for sale, a Ghtroc 720 Freighter.

They spoke with the owner and negotiated a trade. Salubricon went to transfer the ownership and title and got saddled with a fine for tampering with the ships’ transponder, but otherwise the transfers of ownership went well. Everyone moved their stuff from the Sweet Nacha to the Ghtroc Cruiser 720 . They also bought parts and a wireless remote laser cannon to attach to the rear of the ship, and installed it. That night Bee-Gee patrolled the bay keeping an eye out for trouble, and saw nothing save the docking bay doors opening and closing a couple times through the night. The next morning the rodian who now owned the Sweet Nacha took it for a spin. A couple hours later Bee-Gee saw the Sweet Nacha returning for a landing, but coming in way to fast. He shouted a warning and Serath Ann got the shields back up as the Sweet Nacha crashed bottom first and burst into flames. The shields held against the explosions of flammable material and fuel. Fire and rescue crews arrived pretty quickly and put the ship out. The authorities had the party move the Ghtroc Cruiser 720 to another docking bay, and then questioned them about the crash.

Dey Hauk, Bee-Gee, Serath Ann, and Salubricon went to Thiago’s shop. Inside they found 10 bodyguards and Zhaigo, one of Thiago’s men. The group introduced themselves discreetly saying they needed to speak with Thaigo. Zhaigo said he would pass along the message, but when they turned to leave he identified Dey Hauk by name and said he had a message for them. He said that Thaigo felt he may have been a bit hasty in taking out his disappointment with them in the form of bounties and offered them a way to work off the bounties and build trust for future conversations. Dey Hauk accepted for the group with the stipulation that he wanted to speak with Thaigo before the job.

Thaigo gave them a holo-net call detailing an exchange that was to be taking place at the Erin Moon Resort. Apparently Krogar’s people had arranged to sell some of their cut spice to one of Thaigo’s dealers. They had arranged for the exchange to take place in one of the outer docking rings. They had discussed the number of parties that would meet at one of the cantina’s where they would then discuss where the exchange would take place. Thaigo requested that Dey Hauk “intercept” the shipment or interfere with the meet, so the spice could be captured before it hit the streets, and without him losing any money.

The group flew to the Erin Moon Resort and began looking around when they got a message from Zhaigo, saying they had identified which ship was bringing in the spice, the Astral Star, and that it would be docking on the far side of the station. The group got there just as the Astral Star landed, and let the two contacts head to the cantina. They then jumped the rest of the crew as they began unloading the spice. A firefight broke out, and in the process one of the drug runners launched an escape pod from the Astral Star that hit the inside of the docking dome, doing damage. The group gained control of the Astral Star and blasted out of the docking dome just as it began to close.


Tikanni Tikanni

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