Star Wars: KotOR - Precursor to War

Nabbed by the Shadow Dagger

Dey Hauk and Salubricon try to intercept a transport only to be captured by the Shadow Dagger.

Rodi called up the Ghtroc Cruiser 720 as they were taking off, asking to meet with them.  When they met up he asked to borrow Serath Ann and Bee-Gee for another task.  Dey Hauk and Salubricon decide to follow up on the tip the group received about Krogar's dreadnaught resupply shipment, thinking they and Har’air’al would be able to take out the 3 man crew the ship was supposed to have.  They jumped to intercept it at a point it was scheduled to make course corrections.   Before they arrive, they were suddenly pulled out of hyperspace by an uncharted gravity well.  They found themselves confronted with the legendary pirate ship Shadow Dagger, which proceeds to trap them in a tractor beam, as well as their target when it dropped out of hyperspace a few moments later.

After they were pulled into the shuttle bay, the Miraluka first mate invites them for a discussion with the captain, a war-scarred veteran Chistori named Groxlar.  Dey Hauk shows the better side of valor and convinces the captain not only to let them go, but to sell them quite a bit of what the pirates had taken from the transport, including the transport ship itself.  The captain summons one of his crew members to report the inventory of their plunder, who turns out to be Kari Chattan , Dey Hauk's Padawan.  Kari was called away months earlier by the Jedi council to help on a secret mission.

After driving a hard bargain, Day Hauk and Salubricon manage to purchase the transport ship itself (crews 12), 4 turbolasers, and 4 fighters, for 160,000 credits.   Kari is ordered to unload the rest of the cargo and secure everything.   She arranges to stowaway on the transport with Dey Hauk and Salubricon when they leave.

Kari had infiltrated the legendary/mythical ship Shadow Dagger  while working undercover as Rita Carlyle.  She discovered that  Shadow Dagger is controlled by the Dark Hand Syndicate, which is loosely affiliated with the Sith.  She planted a program into the ships computer that will send a signal to Republic receivers to help track the Shadow Dagger.  It needed activated with a com signal after she got off the ship, which she accomplished from the transport.

Kari had planted the program and has been trying to get off the Shadow Dagger, when the Captain detoured to the headquarters of the Dark Hand Syndicate.   Unfortunately, the Captain manually inputs the coordinates and she was unable to determine the location.  At the headquarters, there is a shipyard constructing another Shaddow Dagger class ship,  and also a number of Mandalorian scout ships, similar to what have been seen when settlements in the area have been attacked.  

After they left the dark hand syndicate's shipyard, they settled down for some pirating.  Groxlar had some intelligence info from the resistance movement on Yaglu (which she had heard the rest of the group, Dey Hauk and Salubricon, are helping).  This led him to one of Krogar's shipping routes where replacement parts and starship weapons are being shipped to Yaglu.  Shadow Dagger  travels with a cloaked transport ship that powers a massive gravity generator that can create a temporary gravity well to pull ships out of hyperspace, which is how they caught both ships.
They bring the transport and freighter to the republic base on Ord Taneer, where they bought a new transponder and installed it, now have 5 names on the new transport ship just as we did on the old ship.

Met Jedi Master_Vandar on Ord Taneer, who will start monitoring for the Shadow Dagger signal.  He expresses satisfaction with Kari's progress in her training, and dissatisfaction with the behavior of Dey Hauk as he supports the rebellion against Kroeger. 

The current missions is to gather evidence of atrocities to block Kroeger from joining the republic.  Heading to Taigon to gather info on slavery in the mines, terrible wages, etc.  If Krogar joins the republic,  Dey Hauk will have to deny his relations with the jedi, or perhaps even leave the Jedi.


Tikanni Tikanni

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