Star Wars: KotOR - Precursor to War

Defeat of a Sith Warrior

Serath Ann, Content Not Found: Kari and Salubricon quickly repaired the transport left behind by Krogar Kalvin, while Darius Siller and Dey Hauk retrieved the groups’ speeders. The made for the capital city of Taigulf and detected an explosion on their sensors. They flew towards the center city, staying low to avoid anti-aircraft weapons. Then sensing Krogar making his way to a different spaceport they changed direction to pursue him. As they changed direction Sarin leapt out and ran towards the capital building.

They flew to the spaceport, destroyed a landspeeder with the topside laser cannons. Serath, Dey Hauk, Plo Kaln and Kari got off the transport, using their speeders to blast their way into the spaceport and pursued Krogar to a ship he was running towards. A firefight ensued between them and Krogar’s men, which ended when they disabled a ship Krogar was going to escape on. He fled with Devin on foot until he feared he would be captured. He hamstrung Devin and surged out into the plaza where Salubricon brought the ship down on him, killing him.

More planetary defense forces arrived, this time teamed with Sarin and began the work of cleaning up and gathering evidence to lock away Taigon’s Lieutenant Governor who appeared to have been in league with Krogar.


Tikanni Tikanni

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