Star Wars: KotOR - Precursor to War

Capturing a Traitor

The party is ambushed when leaving Taigon and manges to capture Sarin.

Dey Hauk and Salubricon return to Taigon to meet with Elav Ghrout and pick up Bee-Gee.  Dey Hauk asks Elav if he has evidence of Krogar's crimes that he can use to prevent Krogar from joining the Republic and keeping Dey Hauk from helping the rebellion.

Elav offers the data he has and revels that for the protection of the party and of the rebels he'd been understating the size of their forces.  The rebel forces on Taigon number at least 40,000 not the 8,000 he previously mentioned, but they were in cells scatterred across the different settlements.  Dey Hauk then asked how many might have experience with starship operations because he had reason to believe Krogar's dreadnaughts parked over head were seriously undermanned.  Together they plan to have cargo ships filled to the brim with soldiers hide in a comets' wake and attack and board the dreadnaughts on the far side of the planet.

As they begin to wind the conversation down Elav also mentions that a large number of the rebels are concerned about what should happen if the Mandalorians arrive while Krogar's being taken on, and whether Dey Hauk will help them if the day comes.  He also tells Dey Hauk that the rebels on Yaglu have requested a meeting.

As Dey Hauk, Salubricon and Bee-Gee leave the hide out they find themselves being followed and set upon by Krogar's troopers.  As they fight their way to safety, Sarin arrives, and they subdue her and take her into custody.

They then rendevous with the Red Ranger, the hammerhead class starship based at Ord Taneer and put Sarin under Master Vandar's custody.  When she awakens they speak to her and she claims that if they take Krogar down the planets will no longer be protected from the Mandalorians.  As they leave they are given two new Aurek fighters by the Red Ranger's captain.

They then leave for Yaglu where they learn that Yaglu's resistance is being led by Thaigo's men.  As a gesture of goodwill he delivers evidence against Krogar and the Sith holocron that he had said he would deliver previously.  Dey Hauk sends Bee-Gee to Coruscant with the holocron while he and Salubricon returned to Yaglu.


Tikanni Tikanni

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