Star Wars: KotOR - Precursor to War

Building the Foundations

The group seeks help in their fight against Krogar

When Serath Ann and Salubricon entered the building Salis had told them of, they found a couple of rodians with guns. They identified themselves and were introduced to Elav Ghrout. They spoke with him about both what kind of resistance he might be able to build against Krogar Kalvin and what they could do to help. They told him they intended to build a two-pronged assault on Krogar's power by also instigating rebellion on Yaglu. Ghrout asked them to take an associate with them to help facilitate communication. The associate turned out to be none other than Roka Glar ‘Rodi’. Then they flew to Yaglu and landed in the swamp outside of the capital, and sneaked into the city on speeder bike. Har’air’al led them through the city to a meeting with Gith Rosh, a former factory worker. She asked them what they wanted from her and listened to their plans to help the rebellions on Yaglu and Taigon. She agreed to work with them and was able to tell them that Krogar was most likely getting the armaments for his droids from Gessoo. The party flew to Gessoo where met with S’viv Zdu, an outfitter and occasional arms dealer that Serath had known from her scouting days. Dey Hauk negotiated with her and used his winnings from the Royal Casino on Kahlus to purchase blaster pistols, grenades and armor for the rebels. For the next eight months the group continued to try and supply the militias. Bee-Gee and Serath offered their skills in training the militias as well. All this time, the group kept watch for news of weapons' shipments, starfighters they might be able to steal and for the shipyards where the dreadnaughts had been built.

Then finally they learned that of a lighter guard on some of the weapons shipments, as well as some replacement parts being delivered to the dreadnaughts over Yaglu. S’viv Zdu also called the group saying a spy who thought they had a lead on the shipyards had disappeared on Tanior.


Tikanni Tikanni

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