Star Wars: KotOR - Precursor to War

Another Task

Thaigo asks the group to complete one more task in exchange for a holocron.

The party flew the Astral Star into orbit with Har’air’al following in the Ghtroc Cruiser 720 . The Astral Star was attacked by a half dozen sith fighters being launched from a cloaked vessel. Bee-Gee managed to take a couple out, and Salubricon managed to dodge a few missiles fired by the fighters. They raced off with Har’air’al until they got closer to the sun, scrapped parts of it and then sent the Astral Star into the sun.

They returned to Yaglu to find the planet under alert. During the fight two of the missiles had appeared to power down after being launched, and had apparently struck two of the large spires in Salicar, one being the main government center, and the second being a construction plant belonging to Thaigo. They commed Thaigo asking to meet him and were told to meet in a conference room in one of the other spires. The found the room easily and were disappointed to find not Thaigo, but a holo-projector.

Thaigo’s image appeared and he spoke with them saying he was calling off the bounties on their heads as agreed. He said that unfortunately they’d been linked to the attacks to the city which gave Krogar Kalvin the leverage to start wresting control of the government. With the Prime Minister and 2nd Minister dead, the ruling council was going to appoint him Prime Minister in exchange for him providing greater security. Thaigo then asked them to disrupt Krogar Enterprise’s droid production in the factor in the lower levels of the city, in the hopes that might undermine his offers of security. Dey Hauk accepted for the group and they began surveying the plant.

They considered trying to capture some security probe droids that guarded a chemical waste pipeline leading out of the plant but settled on entering through one of the loading doors. They found a tall building near a landing pad and threw a rope across. Everyone scurried across the rope while Dey Hauk walked across. They took out any droids between them and the control center for the factory, where they found a Sith and a worker operating the controls. Bee-Gee opened fire with both barrels killing the operator. The Sith pulled her sword out and attacked Bee-Gee. Dey Hauk stepped forward with his lightsaber and they swiftly cut her down. Dey Hauk then felt the presence of another Sith coming from the higher level of the city, suggesting they hurry. They planted charges in the control center and headed down to the lower levels of the droid factory.

They fought some droids along the way and found where droid fuel cells were kept. They set a few around the room so they’d overload and damage the others around them. They then made their way to the rooms where the droids were painted. They punctured the tanks spilling paint everywhere and rolled a drum into the central shaft, dropping it on droids on the lower levels. The group then set a few satchel charges in the turbolift shafts. Bee-Gee turned his magnetic feet on and ran up one of the shafts until he reached the level they’d entered on. As he turned to help pull the party up as they climbed, the Sith that Dey Hauk had sensed attacked him with her lightsaber. He quickly tied off the end of the rope and turned, trying to grapple her. He got a grip on her and threw them both the central shaft.

Serath, Dey Hauk and Salubricon continued climbing to escape. Unfortunately Bee-Gee’s attempt to kill the Sith in the fall failed when she used the force to move them onto one of the lower levels, halting their fall. She struggled to escape his grasp. Bee-Gee holding her with three arms reached with his fourth to grab one of the satchel charges, set it right against her stomach and set it off. Her intestines flew everywhere killing her. Bee-Gee managed to climb the shaft to join the rest of the group. They made their way across the rope they’d used to the other building, and set the charges off. Serath and Bee-Gee headed back tot he ship, while Dey Hauk and Salubricon decided to confront Thaigon to receive the holocron he said he’d give them.


Tikanni Tikanni

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