Star Wars: KotOR - Precursor to War

Parley with Krogar
The party confronts Krogar again.

Krogar's message indicated he wanted to recieve them in his headquarters in an hour, they also received reports that the teams aboard the Avenger had control.  The rebels went to work repairing the Baby Fatso and the Ghtroc Cruiser 720 , as well as loading photon torpedoes that had been found aboard the Indominable.  Just before the hour was up the party loaded up with a couple squads of the rebels and Elav Ghrout and began flying the Baby Fatso and the Ghtroc Cruiser 720 down to meet Krogar Kalvin when he sent them his terms for surrender:

  1. Rebel force aboard the Avenger and the Indominable lay down their arms and submit to Taigon Planetary Defense forces.
  2. Rebel forces on Taigon will collect their arms and deliver them to reclamation facilities and submit to searches of their home to ensure no further contraband is being held.
  3. Elav Ghrout surrenders himself for crimes against the state and inciting rebellion.
  4. Dey Hauk will turn himself in for crimes against the state, inciting rebellion and numerous counts of terrorism.  The rest of his entourage will be placed in the mines as indentured servants until reparations have been made.

When they rejected them, Krogar initiated the self destruct on the Avenger, the 2nd dreadnaught in orbit that had been taken by some of the other Taigon Resistance teams.  He then opened fire on the Indominable.  The party flew to the forest a short distance from Krogar's temple, disembarked with their 2 speeder bikes and Salubricon flying one of their Aurek fighters.  They flew in through a vehicle launch bay, blasted their way up 3 floors and proceeded to run around destroying the base's shield generators so the Indominable could bombard the base from orbit.  After sabotaging the 3rd generator they used the Aurek's blasters to blow a hole through which they could escape.  As they made their escape Krogar showed up and attacked them.  Salubricon ended up blowing Krogar up with a couple of photon torpedoes.  As the party escaped they told the Indominable to open fire and level the base, only to learn the Indominable was under attack by Mandalorians.

Shopping for a Dreadnaught
Our heroes fight their way to the bridge of the Indominable and seize the ship.

Dey Hauk, Salubricon, and Serath Ann return from Yaglu to Taigon and join the Resistance behind the Sargasso Comet approaching Taigon.  As they approach and begin their assault upon the 2 dreadnaughts on the back side of the planet, Reaver drops out of hyperspace after fleeing Kahlus.  In danger of his hyperdrive exploding, he drops it near some sith fighters and the Indominable, and follows the Baby Fatso into the Indominable when the party give the entry codes dropping the forcefields protecting the dreadnaught's hangar.  They break out of the hanger and make their way to help other boarding teams.  After that they proceeded to the bridge where they fought a bunch of droids and seized the bridge.  Upon their taking control Elav Ghrout showed up with some of the other strike teams, and a call came from the surface indicating that Krogar Kalvin wanted to discuss the terms for surrender.

Capturing a Traitor
The party is ambushed when leaving Taigon and manges to capture Sarin.

Dey Hauk and Salubricon return to Taigon to meet with Elav Ghrout and pick up Bee-Gee.  Dey Hauk asks Elav if he has evidence of Krogar's crimes that he can use to prevent Krogar from joining the Republic and keeping Dey Hauk from helping the rebellion.

Elav offers the data he has and revels that for the protection of the party and of the rebels he'd been understating the size of their forces.  The rebel forces on Taigon number at least 40,000 not the 8,000 he previously mentioned, but they were in cells scatterred across the different settlements.  Dey Hauk then asked how many might have experience with starship operations because he had reason to believe Krogar's dreadnaughts parked over head were seriously undermanned.  Together they plan to have cargo ships filled to the brim with soldiers hide in a comets' wake and attack and board the dreadnaughts on the far side of the planet.

As they begin to wind the conversation down Elav also mentions that a large number of the rebels are concerned about what should happen if the Mandalorians arrive while Krogar's being taken on, and whether Dey Hauk will help them if the day comes.  He also tells Dey Hauk that the rebels on Yaglu have requested a meeting.

As Dey Hauk, Salubricon and Bee-Gee leave the hide out they find themselves being followed and set upon by Krogar's troopers.  As they fight their way to safety, Sarin arrives, and they subdue her and take her into custody.

They then rendevous with the Red Ranger, the hammerhead class starship based at Ord Taneer and put Sarin under Master Vandar's custody.  When she awakens they speak to her and she claims that if they take Krogar down the planets will no longer be protected from the Mandalorians.  As they leave they are given two new Aurek fighters by the Red Ranger's captain.

They then leave for Yaglu where they learn that Yaglu's resistance is being led by Thaigo's men.  As a gesture of goodwill he delivers evidence against Krogar and the Sith holocron that he had said he would deliver previously.  Dey Hauk sends Bee-Gee to Coruscant with the holocron while he and Salubricon returned to Yaglu.

In the Meantime

Serath Ann and Bee-Gee went to Gessoo to help capture a sabateur.  After killing him Bee-Gee returns to Taigon to meet up with Dey Hauk and Salubricon while Serath remains behind to finish repairing some of the resistances weapons that had been damaged by the sabeteur.

Nabbed by the Shadow Dagger
Dey Hauk and Salubricon try to intercept a transport only to be captured by the Shadow Dagger.

Rodi called up the Ghtroc Cruiser 720 as they were taking off, asking to meet with them.  When they met up he asked to borrow Serath Ann and Bee-Gee for another task.  Dey Hauk and Salubricon decide to follow up on the tip the group received about Krogar's dreadnaught resupply shipment, thinking they and Har’air’al would be able to take out the 3 man crew the ship was supposed to have.  They jumped to intercept it at a point it was scheduled to make course corrections.   Before they arrive, they were suddenly pulled out of hyperspace by an uncharted gravity well.  They found themselves confronted with the legendary pirate ship Shadow Dagger, which proceeds to trap them in a tractor beam, as well as their target when it dropped out of hyperspace a few moments later.

After they were pulled into the shuttle bay, the Miraluka first mate invites them for a discussion with the captain, a war-scarred veteran Chistori named Groxlar.  Dey Hauk shows the better side of valor and convinces the captain not only to let them go, but to sell them quite a bit of what the pirates had taken from the transport, including the transport ship itself.  The captain summons one of his crew members to report the inventory of their plunder, who turns out to be Kari Chattan , Dey Hauk's Padawan.  Kari was called away months earlier by the Jedi council to help on a secret mission.

After driving a hard bargain, Day Hauk and Salubricon manage to purchase the transport ship itself (crews 12), 4 turbolasers, and 4 fighters, for 160,000 credits.   Kari is ordered to unload the rest of the cargo and secure everything.   She arranges to stowaway on the transport with Dey Hauk and Salubricon when they leave.

Kari had infiltrated the legendary/mythical ship Shadow Dagger  while working undercover as Rita Carlyle.  She discovered that  Shadow Dagger is controlled by the Dark Hand Syndicate, which is loosely affiliated with the Sith.  She planted a program into the ships computer that will send a signal to Republic receivers to help track the Shadow Dagger.  It needed activated with a com signal after she got off the ship, which she accomplished from the transport.

Kari had planted the program and has been trying to get off the Shadow Dagger, when the Captain detoured to the headquarters of the Dark Hand Syndicate.   Unfortunately, the Captain manually inputs the coordinates and she was unable to determine the location.  At the headquarters, there is a shipyard constructing another Shaddow Dagger class ship,  and also a number of Mandalorian scout ships, similar to what have been seen when settlements in the area have been attacked.  

After they left the dark hand syndicate's shipyard, they settled down for some pirating.  Groxlar had some intelligence info from the resistance movement on Yaglu (which she had heard the rest of the group, Dey Hauk and Salubricon, are helping).  This led him to one of Krogar's shipping routes where replacement parts and starship weapons are being shipped to Yaglu.  Shadow Dagger  travels with a cloaked transport ship that powers a massive gravity generator that can create a temporary gravity well to pull ships out of hyperspace, which is how they caught both ships.
They bring the transport and freighter to the republic base on Ord Taneer, where they bought a new transponder and installed it, now have 5 names on the new transport ship just as we did on the old ship.

Met Jedi Master_Vandar on Ord Taneer, who will start monitoring for the Shadow Dagger signal.  He expresses satisfaction with Kari's progress in her training, and dissatisfaction with the behavior of Dey Hauk as he supports the rebellion against Kroeger. 

The current missions is to gather evidence of atrocities to block Kroeger from joining the republic.  Heading to Taigon to gather info on slavery in the mines, terrible wages, etc.  If Krogar joins the republic,  Dey Hauk will have to deny his relations with the jedi, or perhaps even leave the Jedi.

Quick Recap

Our heroes discovered a Sith Lord on the Outer Rim World, Taigon.  They defeated him and later learned that he had tricked death by transferring his essence into someone else. They unsuccessfully tried to thwart his power grabs on Taigon, Yaglu and Gessoo.  Now, under pressure from the Jedi Order, and the impending threat of a Mandalorian invasion our heroes work with resistance movements on those planets to end his opressive reign.

Retrieving a Spy
The group goes to find a spy that S’viv Zdu said was a week late in checking in.

The group decided to try and hit up a local cantina in Tegeel, the largest city on Tanior, on the outskirts of which lay a Krogar Enterprises facility. They gambled a little bit, playing sabacc with some armed guards that worked for Krogar Enterprises. They slipped out when it looked like the guards were leaving and jumped them when they exited the cantina. Bee-Gee and Salubricon ran straight off down the major through street, while Dey Hauk and Serath Ann took the unconscious guards down the back alley. Unfortunately one of the guards had managed to get a comlink signal off the the authorities who traced it back and nearly captured Dey Hauk and Serath. With some fancy flying Serath got away, and they slipped into a used speeder lot and stole an airspeeder. Both groups then met up with Har’air’al and the ship.

Building the Foundations
The group seeks help in their fight against Krogar

When Serath Ann and Salubricon entered the building Salis had told them of, they found a couple of rodians with guns. They identified themselves and were introduced to Elav Ghrout. They spoke with him about both what kind of resistance he might be able to build against Krogar Kalvin and what they could do to help. They told him they intended to build a two-pronged assault on Krogar's power by also instigating rebellion on Yaglu. Ghrout asked them to take an associate with them to help facilitate communication. The associate turned out to be none other than Roka Glar ‘Rodi’. Then they flew to Yaglu and landed in the swamp outside of the capital, and sneaked into the city on speeder bike. Har’air’al led them through the city to a meeting with Gith Rosh, a former factory worker. She asked them what they wanted from her and listened to their plans to help the rebellions on Yaglu and Taigon. She agreed to work with them and was able to tell them that Krogar was most likely getting the armaments for his droids from Gessoo. The party flew to Gessoo where met with S’viv Zdu, an outfitter and occasional arms dealer that Serath had known from her scouting days. Dey Hauk negotiated with her and used his winnings from the Royal Casino on Kahlus to purchase blaster pistols, grenades and armor for the rebels. For the next eight months the group continued to try and supply the militias. Bee-Gee and Serath offered their skills in training the militias as well. All this time, the group kept watch for news of weapons' shipments, starfighters they might be able to steal and for the shipyards where the dreadnaughts had been built.

Then finally they learned that of a lighter guard on some of the weapons shipments, as well as some replacement parts being delivered to the dreadnaughts over Yaglu. S’viv Zdu also called the group saying a spy who thought they had a lead on the shipyards had disappeared on Tanior.

When Things Couldn't Get Any Worse

Heading towards Thaigo’s shop, Dey Hauk and Salubricon found themselves being followed by a tall robed figure. They ducked into either side of an alley and saw the person stop looking around for them. Dey Hauk snuck up behind him and recognized him as Calus Lieb from the others’ description of him. Calus told them he had a message from them and handed over a holocron. Dey Hauk looked at it and recognized it wasn’t the Sith holocron that was supposed to be in the auction, but rather a Jedi holocron. He asked Calus what gave, but Calus said that his employer was having difficulties procuring it at the moment, and that’s all he knew. He also handed Dey Hauk a datachip with instructions on how Dey Hauk could contact Thaigo.

Dey Hauk and Salubricon decided to head to the ship, and as they headed there they found a message being broadcast over the city’s broadcast system. Krogar Kalvin was introduced as the new Prime Minister of Yaglu. He showed footage of the group breaking into his factory, though only Dey Hauk was recognizable in the image, and blamed Dey Hauk as both a Jedi and an agent of the Republic for trying to sabotage Yaglu’s industrial and defensive infrastructure. He also announced that upon his appointment as Prime Minister he had arranged for six dreadnaughts to be puchased for Yaglu’s Planetary Defense Force. He further announced his forming of a mutual defense alliance with Taigon. He then introduced Thaigo as his 2nd Minister.

Dey Hauk and Salubricon continued to the ship, while listening to the broadcast. Bee-Gee and Serath Ann were listening aboard their ship, and tried hailing them over the comlink, only to find it was jammed. Dey Hauk and Salubricon snuck through the Dock Authorities Security and made back aboard. Serath called the Docking Authority to see if their departure clearance had been processed, and decided to leave instead of wait for it to be granted. They made their way to orbit where they found three of the new dreadnaughts between them and the edge of the gravity well. The dreadnaughts launched fighters and began firing upon the Ghtroc Cruiser 720 .

Salubricon poured as much power into the engines as he could while Bee-Gee took to the weapon controls. They cleared the dreadnaughts only to find a half dozen Mandalorian Cruisers dropping out of hyperspace in front of them and launching fighters. Desparate to avoid being caught between the two fleets Salubricon turned back towards the dreadnaughts to give Serath time to perform the hyperspace calculations. Serath noticed that the “Mandalorian Cruisers” didn’t seem to be as heavily armed as those that had attacked Kahlus.

The Mandalorian Cruisers were being quickly disabled by the dreadnaughts and some of the fighters were turning back towards the Ghtroc Cruiser 720 as well as some planetary defense fighters launched from the surface. They also began taking heavy damage as turbolaser batteries from the dreadnaughts were also directed back at them. Serath triggered the jump to hyperspace before the calculations were completed and they escaped.

They dropped out of hyperspace a few hours later around Kahlus where they saw a Mandalorian Cruiser at the edge of their sensor range. They also managed to make out that the capital city was still largely intact, despite the destruction of the docking rings. Fearing being tracked, they jumped back to the outer edge of Yaglu’s solar system, to Taigon, and then to Ord Taneer.

They landed at the Republic Outpost where they got some technicians to sweep the Ghtroc Cruiser 720 for tracking devices or bugs. They also set about purchasing light laser turrets. During the shopping, Serath ran into an old friend of hers, Craig Killian who she’d worked with when prospecting. She found out he’d been working as a scout and otherwise tried to avoid conversation to avoid drawing attention to her recent activities. She and Solubircan got the laser cannons which they began setting up on the top and bottom of the ship. Dey Hauk also used some of his credits to purchase some heavier shields for the ship.

Master Vandar arrived landing in a small republic cruiser, similar in make to the correllian corvette. He asked Dey Hauk about the news he’d been hearing about them destroying factories and attacking cities. Dey Hauk told Master Vandar that they were constantly being set up as they set about trying to undermine Krogar. Master Vandar suggested that with Krogar’s fast rises to power on both Taigon and Yaglu that Dey Hauk might do well to find those who might be resistant to his leadership. He also asked how Dey Hauk’s retrieval of the holocrons was going. Dey Hauk showed him the one he’d received and Master Vandar suggested Dey Hauk hold onto it to continue his own training in the force. With a warning to be mindful of the dark side, and a warning from the Jedi Council to avoid conflict with the Mandalorians, Master Vandar left.

Har’air’al approached Dey Hauk asking what he was intending to do. Dey Hauk said he wanted to return to Taigon to build up a resistance against Krogar Kalvin. Har’air’al offered to continue with the ship in exchange for 100 credits a day. With the ship repaired and their upgrades complete the group took off, and jumped to Taigon. They landed in the mountains near Ketcheek, where Serath had lived on Taigon, and his the ship. Serath and Salubricon took one of the speeder bikes into Ketcheek where they stopped at a small pub she used to frequent run by Jelee. She spoke with him a little finding out that Krogar and the Taigon Planetary Defense Force (TPDF) had wrested control of the mines from Czerka Corp and lowered wages depressing the local economy. As she and Salubricon left Jelee suggested they try to find Elav Ghrout.

Serath led them to the Dancing Tails where her former roomate, Salis had worked. Salis approached them, seeming not to recognize them and gave Solubrican a lap dance, during which she slipped a datachip into his pocket. Serath noticed the chip, and slipped it out of the pocked and into her datapad, and noted the address and access code Salis had given them. She slipped the data chip back into Salubricon’s pocket. They stayed for a few more drinks and then headed to the indicated address. When Salubricon asked how she knew where they were going she told him to look in his pockets, where he found the datachip. The then made their way to the indicated address.

Party List

Looking at my campaign details it may look odd that I as the GM have three of the characters listed with my id. That’s because 2 of my players said they didn’t have the time nor desire to make an id nor to do anything on here. I’ll add information on these characters, and eventually add stat blocks as I can later. -Tikanni


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